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Tokyo’s fashionistas can’t get enough of the Smorkin’ Labbit.

“Everyone I know is into Smorkin’ Labbit,” said Tomodachi Inai, “but, of course, I don’t have any friends.”

Toyota denied rumors they were recycling stuck accelerator pedals into Smorkin’ Labbits.

“Categorically untrue,” said Toyota spokesperson Perky Oppai, “Toyota provides the software that controls the Smorkin’ Labbit.”

“Silly Smorkin’ Labbits, they should all be shot,” fumed Elmer Fudd in Hollywood, “Smork this!”

# # #

In other news, Yukio “Bird” Hatoyama revealed his mother irons his Doraemon underwear every morning before handing him a big bag of illegal political contributions.


  1. Got any art on that Toyota spokesperson, Oppai-sama? (-;
    funny stuff!

  2. I’m working on the photo but she’s shy!

  3. Dad gave a thumbs up on this one…

  4. Go figure…I bet she7s very busy too

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